Artist: Blast Furnace Vs Lynx
Title: New Beginnings
Label: Gravitation Records
By: Chloe Harris | 6 June 2004
  • A1: Original Mix
  • A2: Lynx - Rainbow
  • B1: Andro Mix

Blast Furnace Vs Lynx "New Beginnings"

Out Now on Gravitation Records

The 14th release for Gravitation is a collaboration between Chris Sterio & Steve McGrath under the guise of Blast Furnace Vs Lynx. They have had recent success with their highly supported first single 'Hostile Ground', which came out on Source Of Gravity, as well as their own solo works. The original of 'New Beginnings' is a dark throbbing progressive tune, backed by a pumping remix by Andro, and the single also features a mellow tune called 'Rainbow' by Lynx.

'New Beginnings' starts out with a layer of pulsing drums, mechanical sounds and delayed vocal snips that quickly drop off into a short break. A throbbing bassline is introduced, along with swirling light synths, which create movement and depth in the background. A creepy sharp tone lays into the beats and falls off into a very robotic break full of depth and space. After a short while, the kickdrum drops back in, and follows the synths to the end.

Andro, a young Hungarian who's released music on Nascent Recordings and Mechanism works his magic remixing 'New Beginnings' into a driving bass rocking tune. Bass stabs cut into the toms, high hats and kick drum. Vocal delays and the swirling synths twist together and work off the drums. At the break the synths calm down, and the drums collapse falling off into the depth of the break. A strong kick back in, and the drums and synths rock out to the end.

Lynx lays down a smooth downtempo tune called 'Rainbow'. Dreamy synths and sparkling twinkles move with a swelling bassline and head bobbing beats. Lovely pad sounds flush in and moves the song into a heady groove with stunning effects and soothing sounds.

Chris Sterio and Steve McGrath continue on with another strong release for Gravitation. 'New Beginnings' is dark but throbbing and should put the dancefloor in a tizzy. Next up is the second 'Future Sound Of Gravity' EP, which will feature tracks by Blue Haze and Lynx, in addition to newcomers Orchid and Section 75.

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