Artist: Blakkat
Title: Blakfoot / Deeper Dub
Label: Blaktrax Records
By: Simon Jones | 9 August 2003
  • A: Blakfoot
  • B: Deeper (Blakdoktor Dub)

Blakkat "Blakfoot / Deeper Dub"

Out Now on Blaktrax Records

Following on from the well received 'Rite Place', the master himself, Mark Bell, is back with another single as Blakkat. This time he teams up with one of house's dons, namely Doc Martin for a collaboration entitled 'Blakfoot'. Initially starting life as a Tribe Called Quest remix which never got selected for release, the duo's production has now evolved into a track in it's own right. This is backed up by an updated version of Blakkat's 2001 classic, 'Deeper'. Yes my friends, this is a phat little package indeed.

As you would expect from this meeting of minds, 'Blakfoot' is a showcase of intricate production tricks and experimentation. At the heart is a slow, drug fuelled groove which forms the template for the action to begin. In fact, you can just imagine Doc and Mark having a face off to show who has the skillz in true hip hop style. Swinging between breakbeat rhythms and dubbed out bass, this shakes the speakers as analogue synths and bubbling noises lend an eerie twist to the funktastic groove. Perhaps not accessible for all to use, but when used in the right situation, this will rule the floor like a bad boy..

Spin it over for the 'Deeper Dub', where Mark revisits one of his finest tracks in true Blakdoktor style, performing open heart surgery and bringing it back to life with a mixture of smokey sax solos and rising hooks, all hiding that unique Mark Bell vocal which this time appears vocodered and filtered to the hilt, like a robot from the distant future, cutting through the scrumptious 4/4 groove like a knife through butter. Outstanding!

Another tasty package from one of the industry's most regarded producers, and with further material to come in the future over on Shaboom, it looks like those nice people down in Blackpool, England are spoiling us when it comes to music from 'the master' this year.

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