Artist: Blake Jarrell & Starkid
Title: Apricot
Label: 3Beat Breaks
By: Simon Jones | 16 March 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Momu Mix

Blake Jarrell & Starkid "Apricot"

Out Now on 3Beat Breaks

'Apricot' is the first collaboration between Starkid and New Orleans based producer Blake Jarrell. Having crossed paths one night at a show in New Orleans, these two youngsters soon found they had a lot more in common than alcohol, and found that their musical tastes and influences were very similar. This led to them working together, using the technological wonders of the Internet to allow them to collaborate from Texas to New Orleans and back again, and finding it's way to Liverpool, was instantly signed, and now arrives as the latest release on 3Beat Breaks.

The original 'Peach Mix' is tough little number, bigs beats and vice like percussion wasting no time in forming a solid flowing groove that leads into the main section well. Melodies are woven through the beat arrangements, atmospheric fills drawing out the beat patterns whilst at the same time adding a moody intensity to the developing soundscape. Each melodic layer subsides as we glide through the break, leading into a finale where the bassline takes the lead, the floating sounds dropping out as the track comes to an end.

Momu beef things up with their 'With Cream Mix', increasing the tempo of the original's melody and dropping it over waves of big percussive beats and snare rolls that get bigger and bigger as the mix develops, culminating in a massive breakdown where the melody makes a major impact, soon replaced by a subtle outro that restores some order after the carnage has impacted.

Another versatile release from this young label, living up to their promise of delivering quality breakbeat sounds for the last two releases, and as you might expect, this is no exception. In the case of 3Beat Breaks, it seems that to date, quality comes in threes.

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