Artist: Bladey
Title: Shaolin Funk / Missing Link
Label: Insatiable Society
By: Chloe Harris | 7 June 2004
  • A: Shaolin Funk
  • B: Missing Link

Bladey "Shaolin Funk / Missing Link"

Out Now on Insatiable Society

Simon Blade has been involved in the music for many years working to become the label manager for one of the UK's biggest dance distributors Unique, as well as taking the time to run the successful Dorgien Recordings. He's recorded work for Tayo's MOB imprint, Koma & Bones' Forged Recordings, as well as Sumsonic and Source Of Gravity with his style of progressive house and breaks. His first release for Insatiable Society has a hypnotic house sound, with 'Shaolin Funk' on the tribal tip with a fat warm analog bassline, while 'Missing Link' is a slick sliced up tune of minimal funk.

'Shaolin Funk' has a dirty tribal sound with a great analog bassline, garnished with some electro touches. Dark, throaty stabs drop into the tribal drums, while creepy synths hide behind the fat bass. Electro sounds rock back and forth creating a head-bobbing groove, while a lush melodic sample drops in.

'Missing Link' is a rolling moody tune with quiet melodic synths, stripped down percussion and a deep groove. A crunchy loop starts off the stripped down percussion. A hard kick, tight highs, and a clicky clap, accompany heavy slicing metallic synths, while wiggly sounds hide in the background, playing and bouncing around off each other. Traveling through dips and breaks, the funk rolls underneath. This is a nice set building tune.

Bladey has created a nice package of music for Insatiable Society. His diversity within dance music can be seen here, with a tribal tinged workout and a slick groover.

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