Artist: Bioground
Title: Get Busy Yo! / Bed Habits
Label: DK House
By: Jason Calvert | 18 June 2006
  • A: Get Busy Yo!
  • B: Bed Habits

Bioground "Get Busy Yo! / Bed Habits"

Out Now on DK House

Portuguese producer Luis Novo is the man behind the Bioground alias. He is also the man behind the upcoming labels "Exquisite Music" and "Vivid Trax". While his name may be new to many, he has DJ'd alongside names such as Gus Gus and Faithless just to name a couple. "Get Busy Yo! / Bed Habits" is the first release for DK House, Matthew Dekay's new offshoot label.

Novo goes for a very old school flavour on "Get Busy Yo!", with a very retro vocal drifting in now and again. But overall, the track just felt way too linear for me to be able to brand creative in any way. It has certainly been intended to mimic the feel of some of the material surfacing in the mid eighties, but even most of those tracks had multiple layers to them. Even after giving this one multiple listens, I didn't discover anything underlying here. You've got the kick, the highs, the basic bassline, and a very simplistic melody. This just sounds too unfinished for me to enjoy.

"Bed Habits" from the start sounds exactly the same as the flipside. And not a whole lot changes throughout the track. The formula is nearly exactly the same, except based around a different chord. I don't know what more I can say about this one, as there isn't a lot more I can say. Highly unfinished, and not in the least paying respect to old school sounds (which I think Novo is attempting to do).

This release has received support from Sander Kleinenberg, Deep Dish, and Mashtronic to name a few, but as to why, I am not entirely sure. This is certainly an odd one for Dekay to use to launch his offshoot label, and I can only hope that he'll find something with a bit more depth to it for future releases.

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