Artist: Bigtop
Title: Sub / Tidal
Label: Organized Nature
By: Jason Calvert | 23 November 2005
  • A: Sub
  • B: Tidal

Bigtop "Sub / Tidal"

Out Now on Organized Nature

Bigtop is a side project for the well known Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden, which sees them team up with the Bassbin Twins. The guys certainly need no introduction, bringing us such classics as "Lament" and "As The Rush Comes", and remixing some of the hottest names in the industry. They have been working on a highly anticipated forthcoming album, and until then they have given us this release to keep us happy. "Sub" first appeared on their previous compilation entitled "Bloom", and since then it has been a highly sought after item. Even John Digweed wanted to sign it, however the guys decided to keep it for their own Organized Nature imprint.

"Sub" will be instantly recognizable for many. Insanely heavy bass rumblings take up residency in the lower ranges of the track, as some tight percussion drives forward. As the electro-influenced melody is brought in, the first thing one notices is the interesting chord progression. At first it sounds slightly out, but as it takes hold it strangely enough begins to work! The percussion takes a swift turn and gets into a comfortably tight breakbeat. Smaller sub-melodies complement our major, and as the track explodes we are thrust into peak time madness which has been a favourite amongst clubbers across the globe. A true crowd worker which you really can't appreciate on a small sound system. The simplistic nature of the track means it most certainly won't work for everybody, but if it's your thing then keep this gem for those moments you want to drive your crowd wild!

"Tidal" goes for a feel which will have fans of Gabriel & Dresden's earlier work feeling right at home. The percussion lines are similar to those found in many of their works, and the track begins to build up intensity as a filtered effect is brought over the tight percussion. However the track continued to build and build until it finished, and I was left quite certain that I had missed something. Listening over again I found the same thing. This track may work well if one wanted to use it as a bridge to build up intensity before dropping a huge number (such as "Sub" perhaps), but as a stand alone track I felt it lacked any clear direction, and therefore failed to match up the standard of its counterpart.

An interesting release on Organized Nature, and this one won't satisfy everybody. Make sure to check it out before you buy so you know what you're in for, but if it works for you then your crowds will absolutely love you for dropping this number. Next up on Organized Nature is the first single from Gabriel & Dresden's forthcoming album, and it's a strong vocal number entitled "Tracking Treasure Down", so keep your eyes peeled for that. If this didn't do it for you, then most definitely make sure to look out for it!

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