Artist: Bermuda Triangle
Title: Mooger Fooger
Label: Hooj Choons
By: Simon Jones | 18 March 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Subway Mix

Bermuda Triangle "Mooger Fooger"

Out Now on Hooj Choons

Many people will already be aware of the track 'Mooger Fooger', particularly if you follow a certain dj called John or have listened to a mix cd called MMII. Originally having been available via the innovative virtual world of Planet Noise, with a limited release on vinyl with mixes from fellow 'Noisians', Bermuda Triangle came out of the unknown into the spotlight. For the trio of Noa, Arta and Igor this was the start of great things, with Noa starting the superb Monkey Business night in Norway, with an Essential Mix and UK dj gigs to follow soon. Meanwhile the trio have spent time working on other material, but Hooj then decided that 'Mooger Fooger' should get a full release, so here it is, and for those who were sleeping at the back of the class last time around, here's what the fuss is all about.

Barren landscapes are an image thrown up as the slow broken beat introduction draws us into the 'Original Mix', but as the clattering drum percussion drips softly over the spacial sounds that emit from the backdrop the lifeforms within Mooger Fooger show up. Amidst the soft ambience and melody that builds, as if it is transmitting a signal into the depths of the unknown, voices within the break bring forward the question, what is further out there? The computerized voices fade away, the melody induces a state of calm, fading to grey and bringing this shivveringly good track to an end. A futuristic, outer space symphony for the 21st century.

'Subway' deliver up the sole remix, like a capsule emerging out of the black hole. Keeping all the familar elements of the original, this remix takes things on a plotted course into the unknown. The result? A trippy electronic encounter, which bounces along, heavy beats and tight loops enveloping the eerie sounds of the original with an electro percussion line that keeps things going at warp speed. It may be too quirky for some, but for many it will prove to be real surprise.

With their debut album due for release in the summer of '03, and a forthcoming remix of We've Been Dropped's 'Acid Caracas' on Music Is Freedom, expect to hear lots of sounds eminating from the mysterious Bermuda Triangle very soon.

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