Artist: Bermuda Triangle
Title: Mooger Fooger
Label: Planet Noise
By: Simon Jones | 9 December 2003
  1. Secret Pillow
  2. This Is Just (Another Song)
  3. Juliuss
  4. Carib
  5. In Transit
  6. Tay Do 22
  7. Black Sheep
  8. Mooger Fooger
  9. Sunshine Pain

Bermuda Triangle "Mooger Fooger"

Out Now on Planet Noise

Bermuda Triangle's debut track 'Mooger Fooger' was somewhat overlooked upon it's initial release in 2001, but thanks to a certain DJ called John Digweed, they soon became known to people in all corners of the globe as the track made it onto his 2002 compilation 'MMII'. Up until now, 'Mooger Fooger' has been their only single to date, with support from James Zabiela and a re-release of the single on the now defunct Hooj ensuring they did not fade back into the black hole of obscurity, and not resting on their laurels, the trio of Nils Noa, DJ Ariane and Jan Tore Diesen spent time in the studio working on material that would not only form part of a unique live show, but would also come together to form their debut artist album, and now just over two years later, the project is finally completed.

In fact, the first thing that you notice as the album opens with 'Secret Pillow' is the trio's use of live instruments in their creation of sounds, and as harps and string sections are laid over an electronic house groove, creating a dynamic and powerful effect, you realise that this album isn't going to be your typical dance album. It crosses genres and breaks boundaries as we move from the deep and cosmic house grooves of the opener through spacey downbeat trip hop seamlessly with the second track 'This Is Just (Another Song)', both featuring the melancholic vocals of Norwegian singer Agnete Kjølsrud, then you begin to appreciate that this isn't a plain old electronic album.

'Juliuss' brings together flutes and organ over a tight groove, subtle breakbeats housing an evoking vocal hook that makes the hairs on your neck stand up, whilst 'Carib' utilises some eastern flutes and a bleepy melody line in a trippy leftfield fashion, with a humming vocal by Selina Grinsted evoking an incredible feeling of depth, which is complimented by some big atmospheric moods. It's these big atmospheric soundscapes that form a large part of the album, with the Mooger Fooger-esque 'In Transit' being the closest thing to a straight up electronic track on the album, eerie outer wordly effects and dramatic ambience floating over a broken beat groove, quirky sounds and the hypnotic vocal having a strange yet compelling effect upon you.

Moving towards the end of the album and we have some more dancefloor orientated material, with the breakbeat opus and future single 'Tay Do 22' being one of the standout tracks of the album, it's tight breakbeat patterns and indie drums creating a cohesive bass heavy groove which Gjøril Songvoll's operatic vocals fit into quite snuggly, yet another example of Bermuda Triangle fusing sounds that you couldn't imagine ever working together, whilst 'Black Sheep' is yet another take on the pop sound, with yet more cosmic house grooves and wispy vocals being the order of the day. The original version of 'Mooger Fooger' is present in all it's blissful downbeat glory, still sounding fresh even today, and just lowering the mood nicely for the finale, where gorgeous harps lead into a lounge style vocal house track entitled 'Sunshine Pain'. Twinkling melodies and deep chords swirl over Agnette's heartfelt vocals, and bring the album to a soft yet poignant end, leaving you to reflect on the vast array of sounds that you have been treated to over the past 50 minutes or so.

Bermuda Triangle prove with this album that they are no "one hit wonders" and with this album showcase a musical side so often missing in much of today's electronic music, and it's major use of live instruments has to be applauded. Whilst it may not be an album you will groove the night away to, it is one that you will find yourself enchanted by, and with it's embracing of the digital era by being available on conventional cd format or as a set of electronic digital downloads via the Planet Noise website, you should have no trouble in obtaining a copy no matter where in the world or what universe you inhabit. If you are looking for something refreshing and different to many of the year's other electronic albums, then this comes highly recommended.

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