Artist: Benz & MD
Title: Wonder
Label: Hope Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 16 June 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Grayarea 'America's Hat' Mix

Benz & MD "Wonder"

Out Now on Hope Recordings

Having exploded onto the scene back last year, quickly racking up several releases on labels such as Dorigen, Release Records and Basic Beat, the duo of Greg Benz & Marco Di Carlo have become one of the most popular names of the past few months, which has been further elevated by remixes of tracks by Subsky and Shiloh, not to mention releases on their own Aurium Recordings label. Now as we enter the summer of '04, they debut on Hope Recordings with the perfect sound track to the summer, 'Wonder'.

Benz & MD's 'Original Mix' is without a doubt one of my favourite productions by this fast rising production team. Thick bass drifts deep into the centre of an addictive and upbeat house groove, which provides the backdrop for gorgeous analogue style effects and one of most mesmerizing melody lines I have heard in some time. Benz & MD's production style reminds me of the old epic house sound from several years ago, with 'Wonder' their most accomplished work yet, and a summer classic in the making. When that breakdown hits, you'll be grinning like the cat who's got the cream as wave upon wave of bass and hooks ensure this does the business right at the peak of your sets.

The original on it's own would have been enough, but 'Grayarea' are on hand with a rework that will hit you right in the pit of the stomach. Rippling hooks, the mother of filthy sub basslines and a series of devasting drops all bring an interesting twist to the original. A dreamy reprise in the centre breaks things up a little, before sliding back in head first to the speaker shaking beats that we've come to appreciate from the Chi-town trio, who once again offer up a fresh and innovative take on the breakbeat sound.

Another impressive release from Hope Recordings who seem to be having a bit of renaissance as of late, as Benz & MD once again deliver the goods, backed most capably by the supporting Grayarea who pull out the stops with their stellar mix. Don't sit and wonder, hunt this down.

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