Artist: Benz & MD
Title: Spiagia / Tainted
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 22 October 2004
  • A: Spiagia
  • B: Tainted

Benz & MD "Spiagia / Tainted"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Hot on the heels of a recent appearance on Canada's Release Records. Greg Benz & Marco Di Carlo journey across the Atlantic, making their debut on Baroque Records with this new two tracker. As one of the most popular production outfits of the moment, they have steadily amassed an impressive discography of tracks and remixes, but these two new tracks see them venture in a slightly different direction than before.

'Spiagia' is quite possibly the toughest track yet from Greg and Marco. Big chunky rhythms and killer bass are placed over the rocking groove, whilst beautiful linear melodies are woven through the heavy beats that drill down into the heart of the track. Becoming heavier as the bass expands, the track builds and builds, the sounds creeping through and peaking during the ethereal break that hits towards the end.

'Tainted' is another heavy hitting track, with more of a throbbing direction leading us through it's filtered percussion and beats. It may take a little while to find it's way, but one the main lead introduces itself, the sheer beauty of this track is revealed. Amidst the warm summery melodies, tough synths rise through, bringing the bassline to life, with some epic strings adding the final touch to what is for me, Benz & MD's best track yet.

2004 has been a great year for Benz & MD, and this single is another stepping stone towards the dizzy heights they are so very capable of reaching in the coming weeks and months. A quality package, with the usual Baroque stamp of approval ensuring you know you what you are getting, as this is another worthy addition to your record box.

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