Artist: Benz & MD
Title: Snowblind
Label: Dorigen Music
By: Chloe Harris | 11 January 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Spincycle Seeing The Light Mix

Benz & MD "Snowblind"

Out Now on Dorigen Music

Benz & MD, a Canadian duo who've had recent success with their remix of Subsky's 'Albino' on Nascent Recordings, are off to a great start in 2004. 'Snowblind' is a huge track with a massive bassline, quick changes and rolling melodies built for a big sound system. Already tested by the likes of Sasha, John Digweed and Chris Fortier, Benz & MD seem to have a hit on their plate. Tech house comrades Spincycle provide a completely different sound encompassing a jazzier feel with a sick bassline.

The 'Original Mix' takes flight with drums and claps building quickly into some delayed synth parts while layers of twinkly sounds follow building on top of each other and then dropping off into a break that introduces a growling bassline. The bass really takes the song over with its heavy chord changes and engulfing sound. The sounds move together building into a dreamy break full of swirly synths and washing pad sounds. The beats kick back in and we fly to the end of the track.

Dave Clements and Andy Davies are based in Leeds and record as 'Spincycle'. Their tech house sounds can be found on labels such as Low Pressings, Geek, and Surreal. Their 'Seeing The Light Mix' swiftly changes 'Snowblind' into a jazzed up techy monster. The thick electro vibe of the bassline makes you move. A funky swing is added to the drums, and snippets of vocals scatter throughout the tune. The pad sounds have been changed to jazzy uplifting chord stabs and the overall sound is a fun and groovy one.

Dorigen Music has stepped up a notch with this release, with two superb mixes which cater to djs of many styles. Benz & MD have some exciting releases coming up soon so be on the watch for these boys.

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