Artist: Benz & MD
Title: Percasins / Open Bar
Label: Aurium Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 24 April 2006
  • A: Percasins
  • B: Open Bar

Benz & MD "Percasins / Open Bar"

Out Now on Aurium Recordings

Having made their debut back in 2003, the duo of Benz & MD have become one of the most popular production duos within the progressive scene ever since. Their combination of rich atmospheric soundscapes and deep melodies have found favour with many of the scene's key DJs, with their discography and remixography spanning a range of labels that includes Hope Recordings, Silver Planet and many more. Back in 2004 they launched their own label Aurium Recordings, and now two years later reach their 10th release, returning to the fold with a big two track EP.

'Percasins' is the first of the two tracks featured, a no nonsense dancefloor bomb that is unrelenting from the opening gate. Driven by a big swirling bassline and twisted snare percussion, this track will fill any space, big room or small, with it's massive chords and intricate key changes, with the usual production values you would expect from these two Canucks.

'Open Bar' sees Benz & MD take a different direction than normal, fusing techy synths and string elements with a twisted bassline to create a cool low slung track that sits somewhere between click house and electro. An indication perhaps of the diversity to expect from the duo's artist album which they are currently working on for release later in the year.

Having been quite prolific in the past, the break to focus on their artist album and collaborative projects seems to have paid off. This EP is a step beyond their previous work, and is a will no doubt become a mainstay in the box of many DJs over the coming months.

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