Artist: Benz & MD
Title: Oneric
Label: Aurium Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 20 January 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Shiloh Breaks Mix

Benz & MD "Oneric"

Out Now on Aurium Recordings

Having been behind the decks since the mid 1990's Canadian Greg Benz has earned himself a reputation as one of the country's leading DJs with slots at many top clubs and alongside some of the world's leading DJs. A native of Ontario, Greg soon found himself drawn into the world of production and after experimenting by himself soon found a common ally by the name of Marco Di Carlo with whom he could develop these skills. By the time 2003 rolled around, these two were turning the heads of labels worldwide and have many productions and remixes to watch out for over the coming months. However, not ones to rest on their laurels, they have also set up a label called Aurium Recordings, and their own 'Oneric' opens the account..

Greg and Marco's 'Original Mix' is a melodic styled house track that has a certain hypnotic charm that draws you back to it. It's many layers weave into each other and unravel as the groove moves along, letting different elements filter through. Be it the twinkling effects, sub bass rhythms or gorgeous synth lines, each holds their own within the evolving soundscape of this track, with an ethereal mood providing the backdrop for the duo's manipulation of the groove. As the flow builds and drops, watch this beauty make the dancefloor grow as it subtly releases it's potential. Benz & MD show great depth and ability with this track, and chalk up another notch on their currently faultless track record.

Fellow Canadian duo 'Shiloh' bring their own take on things to the table with their breakbeat interpretation sitting on the flipside. Keeping the main rolling melody line of the original, this driving progressive beat extravaganza is underpinned by some twisted stabs and soaring synth arrays, effecting the rumbling groove that shudders across the ground, unbalancing as the gorgeous sounds follow behind. Quick key changes and a consistent tempo ensure this one will set up the floor nicely for what is to follow.

A splendid debut release, which is a prime example of the the diversity this label intends to offer. Not only will it showcase some of the best music from Greg's DJ sets, but will highlight artists, both new, established and upcoming, making this one of the more exciting dancefloor minded labels to come along in a while, and 2004 should see this label find it's way into the minds and boxes of vinyl junkies the world over.

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