Artist: Ben Watt
Title: Guinea Pig
Label: Buzzin Fly Records
By: Ryan Simoneau | 20 October 2008
  • A: Vocal Variation
  • B: Music Variation

Ben Watt "Guinea Pig"Ben Watt "Guinea Pig"

Out Now on Buzzin Fly Records

One could say Ben Watt knows a thing or two about deep house as his Buzzin’ Fly label has specialized in everything that’s good about the genre for the last six years. While his solo releases during that time have been few and far between, “Guinea Pig” marks the legend’s return after a three-year gap and a nasty bout of writer’s block. As stated on the Buzzin’ Fly website, Ben went back to the basics for this tune and the end result sees a funky, jazz-infused house number that will have fans of the label remembering the sound of the early years.

The vocal variation of “Guinea Pig” features Julie Biel, who sang on the noted Buzzin’ Fly track, “I Love You”. A deliciously deep bassline creates a good groove before Ben brings in some choice atmospherics in the background. As Julie’s vocals begin to echo and swirl around your head, a simple yet gorgeous piano loop is brought forth. “Guinea Pig” is not going to destroy a dance floor but its strength lies in the way it seeps into your subconscious without you even realizing it.

On the musical variation of the track, Ben strips away the vocals and creates an effective dub. Personally I like the track with Julie’s angelic vocals cascading over the top but I can see this version finding plenty of favor in the club.

“Guinea Pig” does what all good deep house music should do and that’s to move your feet as well as your mind. Ben Watt has been doing this ever since his days in Everything But The Girl and now his Buzzin’ Fly label sits at the top of the deep house food chain. “Guinea Pig” may not be the best thing he’s done but even Ben’s b-sides are better than most producers’ best tracks. Plus, with enthusiastic support from James Zabiela, Francois K and Peter Kruder, it’s safe to say this will be a smash.

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