Artist: Ben Camp
Title: Syndrome / Burial Ground
Label: Silver Planet Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 13 May 2004
  • A: Syndrome
  • B: Burial Ground

Ben Camp "Syndrome / Burial Ground"

Out Now on Silver Planet Recordings

Ben Camp has already made a major impact stateside even though he's barely out of his teens. In the past two years he's racked up releases on labels such as Fade and Inversus Records, in addition to running his own label Movim Recordings. Each release has highlighted a different side of Ben's sound, and this latest release on Silver Planet see him venture towards the more melodic end of the spectrum, producing two unique and forward thinking tracks that have already received heavy support from the likes of Sasha & Digweed.

'Syndrome' is one of those tracks that defines the progressive scene. Solid, driving beats and swollen bass create an incredible sense of depth that is soon filled by amazing pads, creating an atmospheric wave that grows and grows as the track develops. Floaty melodies twinkle away deep within the bottom end of the groove, as rugged breakbeats and strings build towards a moody, ethereal climax that will fill even the biggest of rooms as that foreboding fear that lurks in the darkness comes out swallows you into the moment.

'Burial Ground' is a darker and more reclined piece of work, taking time to get underway as tribal rhythms and reverb filters roll over the top of a the quirky, ghostly backing of the track. This sinister mood grows as heavy bass vibrates, burrowing it's way into the centre of the soundscape. The sound effects sound like they were taken from cult TV show The Clangers, but let's not take away anything from this track, as even though it's no match for Syndrome, it's a slick and tightly produced atmospheric tribal cut for those who like things a little more left of centre.

Something slightly different than what fans of Ben Camp's previous work may be accustomed to, and the first of several projects he's involved with on Silver Planet as forthcoming is collaboration with Micah, in addition to another two track single later in the year.

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