Artist: Ben Camp
Title: Driven / Dented
Label: Erase Records
By: Chloe Harris | 7 July 2004
  • A1: Driven (Yes U Everyone)
  • B1: Dented (BC 2004 Re-Edit)
  • B2: Dented (Degrees Of Freedom Mix)

Ben Camp "Driven / Dented"

Out Now on Erase Records

Ben Camp has been building a huge discography for himself in the last few years. Still just a young man growing up in Baltimore, he's had releases on Chris Fortier's label Fade Records, along with other tracks on Inversus, Kubist and Silver Planet Recordings. His dark hypnotic sounds have been played by the best DJs in the world including John Digweed at clubs everywhere. For Erase Records, Ben showcases his dark style once again with two new tracks, 'Driven' and 'Dented'.

Deep dark thunderous sounds start off 'Driven (Yes U Everyone)'. Sweeping air tones wash over dropping down into a low sinister groove. Mental sounds fill the background as what sounds like cars race past you. Metallic twinkly sounds ring in and the song creeps to a halt falling into a spooky atmosphere with a ripping bass that tears though all the sounds. Building back into the drums, we ride along the bass and spooky sounds till the end.

A bouncy minimal rhythm and claps build a nice groove opening up Ben Camp's '2004 Re-Edit' of 'Dented'. Light warm pads touch down into the beats, while a slow moving bassline creeps up scale. High hats and trippy catlike sounds filter through the background adding some depth in the mix. A spooky synth moves in brings the tune into a break introducing twisted time stretched vocals. The beats pop back in and the minimal melodic groove follows till the end.

Finally, Stama and Nick Proteus create a nice hypnotic version of 'Dented' with their 'Degrees Of Freedom Mix'. Layers of ambient sounds lead in while the vocals lay on top, a groove starting underneath. Pulsing bass and the creepy synth are the focus of this mix, as they carry the song through quick changes and breaks, dropping down into a break. Dark stabs pound down into the minimal tones from there, which build back into the techy drums and all the sounds build together to the end.

Ben Camp was a great choice for the third release from Erase Records. His style works so well here, with his deep dark moments and his spooky synths all driven by great percussion that will get the dancefloor burning.

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