Artist: Bedrock
Title: Heaven Scent (Yunus Guvenen Mix)
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 2 January 2004
  • A: Heaven Scent (Yunus Guvenen Mix)

Bedrock "Heaven Scent (Yunus Guvenen Mix)"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

'Heaven Scent' is without a doubt one of the tracks that defines the progressive genre at it's finest. The crown jewel of John Digweed and Nick Muir's production discography as Bedrock, the track has never faded out of the hearts and minds of it's fans ever since it was first released back in early 2000 as the launch release on the now burgeoning Bedrock label. Over the years it has been remixed, both officially by Evolution and POB to great response, with several unofficial attempts falling slightly short of the mark. However, four years on, and the track returns to the forefront once more, as Yunus Guvenen is given the accolade of reinterpreting the track to celebrate Bedrock's landmark pinnacle of 50 releases.

Touching a track regarded by many to be perfect is always a gamble but Yunus' 'Seventh Sense Mix' manages to pull off something different to all the previous mixes, whilst still remaining faithful to the timeless original, evidenced by the familiar synths that rise up at the start of the mix. Soon the bassline rolls into action, echoes resounding as it unfolds. Delayed breakbeats ricochet over the top of the groove, with panning synths cutting through the wall of sound with those moody sounds that made the original unforgettable. Soon an extra layer of snares rolls in as everything fades to nothing leaving only harmonic melodies that evolve into bass heavy version of the bassline, building up as the killer hook of Heaven Scent finally hits home, compacting the many layers of sounds and effects into void of aural euphoria before the chaos subsides leaving only a calm wave of melody that soon disperses and breaks.

When put against the original and previous mixes of 'Heaven Scent', it is apparent how much of a standard Yunus had to strive to achieve. Whilst this mix may not have the immediate impact of Bedrock's original or POB's Seismix mixes, it has that hidden intangible which will set the floor alight. Like much of his previous work, this is a deeply intricate piece of music that not only rocks the floor, but will etch itself into your mind when you least expect it.

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