Artist: Bedrock
Title: Emerald (Grayarea Mix)
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 5 January 2004
  • A: Emerald (Grayarea Mix)

Bedrock "Emerald (Grayarea Mix)"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Bedrock's 'Emerald' is the only track out of the four not to have emerged from the first two years of Bedrock's history. A more modern take on the Bedrock sound, the track was released back in 2002 with remixes from Charlie May and Filterheadz, but whilst a solid production in it's own right, going on to become one of 2002's biggest tracks, it hasn't seem to obtain the same accolades as previous Bedrock productions. Nevertheless, Chicago's Grayarea saw the appeal in the track, creating a cheeky bootleg mix from the Reprise of the original, which subsequently received dj support from John Digweed and Jonathan Lisle, creating a buzz and demand amongst those who followed the globetrotting habits of both DJs, which has resulted in it being the final mix selected to represent the celebration of 50 releases for Bedrock.

Building in slowly, the 'Speakeasy Mix' starts off with some excellent drum programming, underpinned by a vibrating sub bassline. Melodies trickle out of the groove, lending a deep effect to the atmospheric mood of the first section of the track. Subtle changes and tempo switches make the build up float by almost unnoticed, and it's not until the original's main hook appears halfway through that the pace really shifts. From the sublime introduction, the mood quickly turns into a flurry of rising beats and big drums, with the familiar melody hook leading the charge as Grayarea inject the driving dancefloor dynamics that will set the floor on fire, and proving that their best work is yet to come, as they not only pay graceful homage to the original here, but make it their own.

Having shown the world that they mean business in 2003 with their dynamic live shows and remix catalogue that takes in artists such as Steve Porter, Blackwatch, topped off by this remix at year's end; 2004 will prove that Grayarea are here to stay as more original production work from them appears, and hopefully this will not be the last time we see them appear on Bedrock.

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