Artist: Bassetti
Title: Burning Dirt
Label: EQ Grey
By: Simon Jones | 20 April 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Tigerhook Corp Remix

Bassetti "Burning Dirt"

Out Now on EQ Grey

Jeremy Bassetti first came to us via Tim Skinner's Grounded Music imprint, where the track 'Ganymede' was released in 2001. This was quickly followed by singles on Progress Inn and Chug, and now he returns with his latest offering, the track 'Burning Dirt' on Australia's EQ Grey imprint, a track which has been eagerly anticipated by many for several months, with the remix coming from Philly's Tigerhook crew.

Bassetti's 'Original Mix' kicks off with some shaking percussive loops which soon hit waves of snares that dent the groove, as dark sounds find their way in to the mix. Driving forward, an eerie sound sits within the centre of the track, as sounds crash down around it, leaving it on it's own as we hit the break, before the twisted percussion wraps itself around the beats once more and squeeze every last bit of energy out of the track as it comes to an end.

The 'Tigerhook Mix' on the flipside takes a more laid back approach, crunchy beats weaving their way in and out of a trippy percussive groove which just bounces along in rough fashion before some soft breakbeats take things on a deeper tangent. Rattling drums and delayed synths displace the groove as odd sounds rise from within adding to the twisted production that will ensure this mix gets the dancefloor shaking.

A deeper direction for EQ with this release, with the Tigerhook remix oozing the usual quality associated with that crew. If you are looking for something a little deeper and quirky than the norm, then this is for you.

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