Artist: Bart Van Wissen
Title: One Reason EP
Label: Lowriders Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 10 June 2004
  • A: One Reason
  • B: A Better Way

Bart Van Wissen "One Reason EP"

Out Now on Lowriders Recordings

With his recent single on Madoka's Private Reality label having gone down a storm, Bart Van Wissen follows up quickly with this new two tracker for Matthew Dekay & Nick K's Lowriders imprint. Never one to rest on his laurels, Bart has been pushing himself over the last few months, and 'One Reason' and 'A Better Way' are but two of many new and exciting tracks from him.

'One Reason' continues with the deep progressive theme that Bart's previous releases have become identifiable by, but this is by far his most energetic outing yet. A devasting bassline acts as the engine of this beautiful and haunting melodic spectacle, lush chords and a spine chilling melody that rips through the huge breakdown that lands right in the thick of things ensure that this will be one track the spotters come running to the booth enquiring about, that is of course if they aren't too busy having it on the dancefloor at the time.

'A Better Way' takes us on a journey through house, Bart Van Wissen style. Old school grooves and melodies galore here, but with the soaring and dreamy melodies and stunning layered beats, this is one for the summer, on the terraces of Ibiza, the beaches, and those early evening sets with the fantastic synths never failing to emit an uplifting feel good factor.

Once again, Bart Van Wissen has delivered some quality music, and with rumours of another EP and remixes of Mick Burns new single 'See Me Fall' on Deep Records to come later in the year, it looks as though 2004 could be this young producer's biggest year yet.

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