Artist: Bad Cop
Title: Nite Club / War Of Nerves (Kickflip Mix)
Label: Akademia Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 6 March 2003
  • A: Nite Club
  • B: War Of Nerves (Kickflip Remix)

Bad Cop "Nite Club / War Of Nerves (Kickflip Mix)"

Out Now on Akademia Recordings

Badcop is no stranger to the breaks heads out there amongst you, having previously released material on Octagon as well as forming part of Hyper Tension alongside James-Gellately Smith, who together delivered the first Akademia release 'Drop Zone' to us. Now Nick Davies (as his family would know him) delivers some of his acclaimed solo material, so let's find out what he's served up here..

When the percussion line of 'Niteclub' kicks in you may think 'oh this isn't anything special', but you shouldn't be so quick to judge. It soon aheads into big expanding bassline with cinematic vocals peppering the twisted rattling breaks that spew forth out of the speakers. Bolshy banging beats straight out of Oxford. Check it!

The b-side sees Kickflip add his own twist to the unreleased genius of 'War Of Nerves', starting off with some nice techy synth action that pans back and forth over the the tough percussive beats. Things gradually get more intresting as atmospheric sounds trickle out of every pore whilst the track turns up the intensity notch into the red and hits a home run, with it's blend of prog crossover breaks bringing a grin to the face of even the most anal of purists.

Another nice set of tracks from the Akademia imprint which do the job quite nicely. With a varied selection of releases to date, it's a shame that economic climates have seen the label put on hold, but let's hope that we get to hear more material at some point in the future.

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