Artist: BPT
Title: Moody 2005
Label: Baroque Records
By: Jason Calvert | 3 December 2005
  • A: John Creamer & Stephane K Mix
  • B: Pete Heller Mix

BPT "Moody 2005"

Out Now on Baroque Records

For my 100th review for the site, I felt it appropriate to perhaps begin by stepping back in time. Back 7 years ago in fact, to 1998. Upon hearing of a collaboration between Danny Morales, Louie Correa and Richie Correa, of course I was interested to see the result. The result was a track titled "Moody" on Kult Records. It was quite a stormer for the time, and went on to be very successful vocal tune and a favourite amongst many, myself included. However in my books it never gained that 'classic' status. However let us move forward 3 years for 2001. One of my favourite labels at the time was Junior, and I closely followed their release schedule. Upon seeing that there were new mixes of "Moody", I was very excited. There were mixes from Futureshock, The Beloved, and Pete Heller. After hearing the Futureshock remix, the track instantly made it to my 'classics' list. I was a huge fan of their sound at the time, and they took the vocal from the Original and really got stuck into it to give it that trademark sound of theirs. The result was quite phenomenal, and I still occasionally drop the track to this day.

Now let us step in to the present. Baroque Records have picked up yet another remix, coming from veterans John Creamer and Stephane K. The remix is presented here alongside Pete Heller's sturdy interpretation, which still sounds as fresh as it did the day it was released.

John Creamer & Stephane K strip back the pace quite a bit on their remix, introducing a catchy hook which flows throughout the track. The percussion is as tight as one can expect from the guys, and a squelching underlying hook keeps things flowing. The vocal slides over the top with ease, and I found the mix to be a nice addition to the already large collection of remixes, however perhaps not standing out in any specific way.

Pete Heller's mix boasts a groove which is similar to the flipside, however there are more melodic elements which give it an added layer of complexity. These melodic elements progressively build, and remain coherent throughout. The infamous vocal flows well, and overall the mix is very complete.

I'm always interested when a classic is released again with a new remix, but perhaps I expected a little more from Creamer & K on their mix. However this will be a welcome addition to the collections of both fans of the previous mixes and newcomers alike. If you can still manage to track down a copy of the Futureshock Remix I would strongly advise you to snap it up, just so you can get a feel for the massive potential this tune had back in its day. Otherwise this release will give those of you who missed out another chance to get your hands on Pete Heller's remix.

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