Artist: Avus
Title: Real
Label: Border Community
By: Simon Jones | 18 April 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Nathan Fake Mix

Avus "Real"

Out Now on Border Community

Avus is a somewhat underrated producer who's only previous single to date was the track called 'A Dark Purpose' on Midset Recordings. A few others of you may remember his rework of James Holden's 'One For You' which featured on Dave Seaman's Melbourne Global Underground album, but up until recently he's been more known for his DJ skills than his production ones. 'Real' aims to change all that, and is the first of several singles this up and coming producer has lined up for 2004.

A simple hi hat and kickdrum combination are what keeps the 'Original Mix' moving right from the start, with the tempo kept to a subtle and reclined pace. A heavy bassline bounces around in the centre, whilst off the wall effects and varied techy sounds are arranged around it, a vocal dialogue from the legendary Bill Hicks adding further oddness to the sounds, but being effective in it's delivery none the less, and finishing up with loops and beats galore, bringing this quality downbeat and minimal piece of work to a close.

Over on the b-side, 'Nathan Fake' goes to town, using his experimental tendencies to create a mix that defies categorization. Edging in slowly, it's not long before full on techy arrangements and looped snares take over, a crunchy groove developing as the mix intensifies. The harder it drives, the more it sounds like it's being stretched and torn in vice like fashion, machine gun style drums thundering in underneath. The original's bassline fights back against the chaotic arrangement, with some minor melody brought in during the section section, with elements that were teased during the early part of the track coming into their own and stamping their dominance on this addictive and forward thinking interpretation from a producer who's stock is constantly on the rise.

Border Community's consistent string of diverse releases continues, with a doublepack 6-track EP by Petter coming soon, whilst Avus has forthcoming singles on Poodle Records and Perc Trax over the next few months, so be sure to look out for those as they hit the shelves.

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