Artist: Audiofly X
Title: Lost / Til Mari
Label: Moodmusic Records
By: Chloe Harris | 7 November 2006
  • A: Lost
  • B: Til Mari

Audiofly X "Lost / Til Mari"

Out Now on Moodmusic Records

Audiofly X have created quite a stir this year with a slew of inspiring dance tunes on a myriad of labels. Their music stands out with a timeless appeal due to their classy production work, sweet basslines, precise beat structures, and clever and interesting noises. Their newest release for Moodmusic has created quite a buzz with Laurent Garnier, who's been caning it for months. 'Lost' is the standout with its bouncy bottom end and deep synths, while ‘Til Mari’ is a bit more electro styled house.

'Lost' has a deep warm analog vibe that captures a new progressive minimal sound. Bouncy kicks and rolling ball-like high hats start in while a cool melodic synth climbs up keys creating a swingy but simple groove. Low bass slowly works in the bottom, while metallic keys delay building a lovely hook that fades away when another synth pad comes in. The pad is full and warm, and follows the notes of the bass until it reaches the break, which then falls straight back into the minimal beats and swingy groove. The pad creeps in again as everything reappears, building and moving through the beats as it takes on new shapes and swims through effects.

'Til Mari' is a lovely piece of electronic house music with its electro bottom end and melodic stabs. Lots of cool arpeggio effects are layered on top of the synths creating a very percussive build, while a cool slicing synth delays off creating a lovely hook. With the bottom end grooving, the notes fall into a silence that breaks all the notes apart allowing them to play in the ambience. The kick steps back in while throaty sounds fade away making room once again for the hook to slowly makes its way back in.

This is yet another indication of how good Audiofly X can be. 'Lost' and 'Til Mari' are classy pieces of music and while their sound is hard to pinpoint, it seems perfect for what people want to hear now. Up next is an EP called '4 Play' on Get Physical, as well as a remix of Claude Von Stroke's 'The Whistler'.

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