Artist: Audiofly X
Title: 4 Play EP
Label: Get Physical Music
By: Nick Williams | 5 December 2006
  • A1: 4 Play
  • B1: Are We There Yet?
  • B2: Cold Light Of Day

Audiofly X "4 Play EP"

Out Now on Get Physical Music

Current rising stars Anthony Middleton & Luca Saporito are at it again, this time on the 60th release for Get Physical Recordings. Being responsible for some of the greatest minimal tech house music of this year, with numerous releases that spans today's who's who of influential record labels, it is no surprise that Germany's M.A.N.D.Y. picked them up for a 3 track EP. As part of the production outfits Audiofly, Audiofly X, Rekleiner, and Sleeper Thief, these two have not only established their sound, but are pushing it to the next level. Their productions are always crisp, with some of the best percussive programming in dance music today.

The title track of this EP, '4 Play', is a great example of their production skills. This track is for the big room track, and on some decent speakers this thing thumps with authority. With shuddering delays that cut through the mix, you are gonna jolt a few dancers when you play this. Delayed flutters and a huge snare eventually take over the mix and introduces you into a groove that is part techno, part trance, part progressive. Although this song is not the strongest on the EP, it is by far the most accessible, and geared to the larger audiences. The breakdown delays off into itself, introducing a melody and atmosphere that when coupled with the new surging bassline, takes the energy and depth to a new level. This carries the rest of the track forward well through its conclusion, and sticks with you for quite some time.

The first of the b-side tracks, 'Are We There Yet' is the only reason you need to pick this release up. This is the star shiner of the EP, as it takes the listener somewhere by drenching you in shimmering atmosphere. It has a tougher edge, with some sounds that scream to me as from a dream. Eerie and twisted, with some interesting drum filters and arrangements, the higher frequencies poke at you to pay attention. Glassy rims shots cut through the mix, as the song keeps morphing and changing with every 16 bars getting deeper and deeper into the groove. A beautiful melodic music box brings some warmth and a break, with spirals of air swirling around the floor. This is a very dynamic song that brings the ability to capture your audience, while also building or peaking your set as well.

'Cold Light of Day' has a distinctive Get Physical feel to it, and as the title alludes, it displays a cold, sun-rising, early morning feel to it. This is a song for those that have been dancing all night and don't want to stop. 5AM on the dancefloor vibe, with airy voice-like synths and whirls that lead this track along. A vocal pops in for a bit, but its indiscernible nature adds a percussive effect to its use. This track is weak in regards to how it really doesn't go in any direction, and is a bit to droney for my tastes. The production value is still top notch, so determine for yourself if it strikes you at all.

This is a solid release for Get Physical, as it solidifies the profiles of Audiofly X and Get Physical as leaders in pushing progressive, forward-thinking tech house music. With a recent SAW Recordings mix and release, along with other numerous releases on Moodmusic, Maschine, and remixes of Gus Gus and Kenzo, these two producers have been hard at work, and continue to push the envelope and refine their skills. I can only imagine what is to come from them.

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