Artist: Audio Criminals
Title: The Way You Move
Label: Alibi Vinyl
By: Simon Jones | 21 April 2004
  • A: Original Funked Mix
  • B: Pistols At Dawn Mix

Audio Criminals "The Way You Move"

Out Now on Alibi Vinyl

Alibi Vinyl is a label that has emerged from the collective minds of a group of individuals based in the Northern part of the United Kingdom. Having all cut their teeth in the music business over the past few years, they have researched the musical trends of the scene and aim to push forward with a range of diverse releases that cover all aspects of the spectrum. The first release comes from the Audio Criminals, who have previously recorded as Avatar for SOG Records. Their single 'The Way That You Move' is far removed from their previous material, with the focus being firmly on the groove.

Some seriously funky guitar licks and a glistening bassline provide the main elements of the 'Original Mix', some wicked snare action and a healthy dose of disco funk creating an addictive groove that will have you moving and shaking. Imagine listening to Daft Punk on acid and you might be on the right path, and as the pads and vocal hook beckon you to 'move on', you can't really do much but do as you're told.

The 'Pistols At Dawn Mix' continues to let the good times roll, with some deeper tendencies, tight percussion and a bigger, wilder bassline that drives the mix towards the break where feel good melodies will soon get you bouncing around, that's assuming of course that you hadn't been lured to the floor by this splendid dubbed house mix that for me is the pick of the two.

Getting off to a proper start, the label has lived up to it's ethos and there is no alibi that will excuse you from not picking up a copy, so don't even try..

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