Artist: Attica Feat Kirsty Hoiles
Title: Cyber Girl
Label: Plastic Fantastic
By: Simon Jones | 20 May 2003
  • A: Praha Mix
  • B: Mara Mix

Attica Feat Kirsty Hoiles "Cyber Girl "

Out Now on Plastic Fantastic

Attica is the new project of one Tony Rapacioli who many of you will be more familiar with as Praha. Here he teams up with Peter Weitz for another choice cut, enlisting the vocal talents of cyber girl herself Kirsty Hoiles, and the results just speak for themselves, but dont listen to me.. just carry on reading..

A rattling percussive groove and deep stabs slide us straight into the 'Prahal Mix', creating a rocking bassline which leads subtly into the dark yet emotive vocals provided by Kirsty Hoiles which sit atop the rising beats. Pushing forward, her voice weaves through the drums as they drop, dropping to a spacial vocal led reprise, before the beats roll back in, layer upon layer of stabs washing into one seamless beat as the outro looms, ending a mix which oozes the usual Praha quality, whilst keeping things upbeat and progressive edged.

The 'Mara Mix' on the b-side has already weaved some damage on dancefloors across the globe and as its slithering groove enters, you will see why. Like a snakecharmer's flute, this remix enchants your mind and soul with its deep tribal rhythms complimenting the vocals almost as if ying meets yang. With more emotion that before present in Kirsty's voice, Mara spin a web of beats over the top, using cut up effects and delays to draw out the twisted groove underneath with the end result being a mix that will get your foot tapping and your ass shaking on the dancefloor, thanks to probably one of the finest Mara remixes to date.

Could this be the biggest Plastic Fantastic release for some time? That remains to be seen, but at lease for me, the answer would be a resounding yes, and with an extra set of remixes also available, this is one very strong package overall.

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