Artist: Attica Feat Kirsty Hoiles
Title: Cyber Girl (Remixes)
Label: Plastic Fantastic
By: Simon Jones | 20 May 2003
  • A: Mara Dub
  • B: Budmonkeyz Mix

Attica Feat Kirsty Hoiles "Cyber Girl (Remixes)"

Out Now on Plastic Fantastic

With the guys at Plastic well and truely wetting themselves when this track first arrived, they went a bit over the top and comissioned so many mixes they had to split the package as Mara turned in two fine mixes, the first of which is on the original 12", and the dub mix, which is on this 12". They needed one final mix, so Enzo dragged Kevin Swain and Mark Plug into the studio and they come out with a mix of their own, but read on to find out more about that as we analyse what the second disc has to offer..

Picking up where the vocal remix left off, this 'Mara Dub' oozes depth and a touch of class. Atmospheric fills and deep snares affect the groove, creating a rumbling sound within, as Mara weave their black magic, building up a sinister bassline within which conceals what is left of the stripped down and abused vocal. Bone shaking beats and twisted rhythms are rampant as this mix dominates like a serial rapist. Lock up your daughters!

The final mix comes from the new production oufit 'Budmonkeyz' which is the partnership of Mark Plug, Plastic Fantastic's own Enzo and Kevin Swain, whom together have many years of production expertise which does show through on this a remix. A rattling shaker and kick drum combo come together to form the big bass hook that forms the nucleus of the mix. cut up vocals dropped over the top as the pace is kept up, the bass growing then droppng before the vocal is unleashed to it's full. Analogue style drops pepper the latter half of the track, keeping things interesting and the beats driving right until the last second as everything slowly fades out.

Another well produced set of mixes which serve as a nice alternative to those who want something a bit darker, a bit deeper and a bit more fierce, but all mixes across both discs are well worth a listen, so buy both if you can spare the cash. You wont regret it.

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