Artist: Astro & Glyde
Title: Aimless Dame (Remixes)
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 28 June 2004
  • A1: Randall Jones Punkrock Mix
  • A2: Randall Jones Tripapella
  • B1: James & Gaby's Up-Dub

Astro & Glyde "Aimless Dame (Remixes)"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

The second half of the 'Aimless Dame' package from Astro & Glyde lands, with yet another remix by Randall Jones sitting alongside a new mix by the duo themselves. With the original 12" failing to ignite any fires for me, I must admit apprehension was lingering when I first put on this remix disc, but I soon became quite surprised. Here's why..

Randall Jones 'PunkRock Mix' is cut from a similar cloth to his satisfying dub mix on the original 12", with heavier atmospheric influence being a noticeable difference here. The vocal is also present in it's full length, which for me detracts from what is otherwise a solid mix. There's no question this will set a few floors alight, but a stripped down sprinkling of the vocal would perhaps have made this mix much more appealing than it is, and for those who just happen to like the vocal, you are spoilt as there's a 'Tripapella' sitting pretty at the end of this side of the 12" as well.

Astro & Glyde turn in their own rework on the flip, with the 'James & Gaby Up-Dub'.. Taking things deep and dark, this bass-led dub is a massive improvement over the duo's original version, with the filtered effects a nice touch that adds to the warm and vibrant groove of the mix. In fact, if you were to put this up against Randall Jones own dub, then it would be very hard to pick a winner as this rocks in it's own unique and fun fashion and is perhaps the finest mix of them all. Try it and decide for yourself.

Like the original 12", this has it's highs and lows, but has slightly more to offer than it's counterpart. For me, this is the better of the two 12"s, so head for this first, and if you're still curious, check out Randall's dub on the original 12" which is equally as competent.

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