Artist: Arcane Rhythm
Title: Shadows / Transient
Label: Vapour Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 5 September 2003
  • A: Shadows
  • B: Transient

Arcane Rhythm "Shadows / Transient"

Out Now on Vapour Recordings

Arcane Rhythm is the name for the collective entity that is Australian production and dj duo Mike Tuppin and Cosmo Cater. Both influences by a wide range of musical styles and sounds, they began to develop their own sounds via remixes for the band 'LIVE' who have been supportive of their work, including their remixes of their work on singles and albums both in Australia and the UK. Now comes Arcane Rhythm's debut single however, featuring two very different tracks which show the range of their production skills. On one side we have 'Shadows', on the other we have 'Transient'.

'Shadows' is one of those tracks that takes no prisoners. A slice of driving progressive evil, the assault begins as the bassline starts rumbling, with menacing kick drums adding to the dark and foreboding mood of the track as it switches into the main section. Pulsating stabs and haunting melodies cut through the busy soundscape, with sinister vox added for effect. Dropping everything out as the break hits home, moody atmospherics fade away to reveal a rolling percussive outro that is the sound of the the army of darkness coming to rape and pillage your soul. In other words, this is a fucking monster from hell.

'Transient' is a stark contrast to the moody and menacing a-side, opting for a slower pace and more melodic structure. Hypnotic ripples and a drawn out melody line which is effected by the beats are what adds a unique twist to this chugging house cut. As the melody loops over and over, growing in dominance, the beats pick up momentum heading into the breakdown, where a brief tribal drum solo soon disperses to reveal an upbeat finale to add a moment of respite to the darkest of sets, and both tracks on this 12" make good tools to lay down a change in the.

Another outstanding pair of tracks from Vapour, who have returned to form as of late. With releases from Highland and Quest Vs The Dirty Fours set to drop in the next few months, you can be sure that the label will be back in the front of many dj boxes. You heard it here first.

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