Artist: Aphasia
Title: Acapulco (Remixes Part Two)
Label: Hooj Choons
By: Simon Jones | 21 August 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Say Hello (The Namboombu's Crazy Tron Mix)

Aphasia "Acapulco (Remixes Part Two)"

Out Now on Hooj Choons

Part Two of this Hooj remix package of Aphasia's 'Acapulco' continues the original version alongside a remix of another track entitled 'Say Hello'. This time Chris & Kai return under the guise of their alter ego The Naboombu to shake things up a little. The original mix of this track can be found on the Hallucination Limited release of 'Acapulco' which for US vinyl junkies is available as a domestic release and comes highly recommend if you enjoy this package of mixes that have been put together.

The 'Original Mix' is the one you may or may not have heard on James Zabiela's 'Sound In Motion' cd, where it was one of the standout tracks. Opting for a heady mix of shaker percussion and quirky sounds, a swelling bassline throbs deep in the heart of the track, rumbling towards the main section where the melody drops in. From there it fades back out and in, and the melody in some ways overshadows the rest of the track, whereas the beats could have lifted it that bit higher. Aside from this minor gripe, it's a track you won't grow tired of.

The Namboombu's production skills are tested on the 'Crazy Tron Mix' of 'Say Hello' next, and they turn the track into a wiggling, spacial slice of tech house. Deep chimes and pulsating groove shake up the arrangement a bit and the quirky robotic voice adds a dark and moody vibe to the track. Not quite as obvious as the remix Chris & Kai did of 'Acapulco' but not a bad little mix never the less.

With such a tremendously good Part One to the package, Part One would have had to have been faultless, and with the minor flaws of the original coupled alongside a remix of 'Say Hello' that may not appeal to all, this disc falls slightly short. Stick with Part One, and check out the original 12" mixes of both tracks on Hallucination Limited before looking here, as another remix of Say Hello would have been far better than including the original in light of it's inclusion on another label's recent release. Whilst one can understand the reasoning, one would also call it a missed opportunity.

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