Artist: Animated
Title: Quivver EP
Label: Deviant Records
By: Simon Jones | 23 May 2003
  • A: Quivver
  • B: Strobelight Kid
  • C: Come On
  • D: Sunrise

Animated "Quivver EP "

Out Now on Deviant Records

It's been a while since the release of Animated's 'Tempting Fate' LP, but now Duncan Forbes and Laurent Webb return with another collection of tracks which are slightly left of centre, picking up where the LP left off. The reason for the delay is that Duncan has reunited with long time friend Charlie May for new adventures in the world of Spooky, and he and Laurent have also been working on another project entitled the The Blondini Gang. Now is time for them to bring Animated back to the forefront of the scene, and they do so by delivering this 'Quivver EP'.

The title track 'Quivver' kicks off this first half of the EP, soft pulsating beats gradually building, beating harder until a big synth line crawls it's way out of the depths. Rolling loops sway back and forth, sending ripples throughout the groove, melodies and snare hooks bursting out of every seam in the track as it develops, like an evolving lifeform. Secondary layers of beats add depth to the track whilst analogue hooks keep the pace hurting forward, dropping into a break where the main riff floats freely before the beats drop back in for a twisted all out mindnumbing finale. Intelligent sounds and ideas from this duo once again!

Next up is 'Strobelight Kid', which heads for a more downtempo direction, a shaking groove and swirling atmospheric melody sitting tightly under a bass heavy beat fest. Little synths burst on the surface as analogue riffs wash over the groove, a whispery vocal locked within the bottomless pit of the groove, riding on a wave of melody which signifies the arrival of the main hook of the track. Soft hi hats and synths pulsate in time with the bass as the track culminates in an emotive and dreamy outro that will have you grinning with joy.

'Come On' is up next. A favourite of James Zabiela, this track found it's way onto his 'Sound In Motion' compilation for Hooj, and it's easy to see why. A combination of large and chunky rolling bass with scratching over the top form the groove for this heavy hitting cut. Spacial fx and tech edged breaks grind together with some drowning bass thrown in for good effect. It swings, it slams, it quite simply f*ckin rocks..

Final track on the EP is the tech house influenced 'Sunrise', it's warm chords oozing through layers of beats and riffs as it builds to analogue heaven where synths expire in almost celestial grandeur. This track proves why this EP refuses to be held to one set of ideas, and is the perfect end to something quite refreshing.

It is evident that this EP is somewhat different from the norm. It does not stick with convention, nor does it play by the rules. One thing it does do though is make you want to groove, and this EP has no trouble in making you do that. Slightly abstract in design, this will work well when introduced into deeper sets or at more open minded clubs. Intelligent house music.. damn right!

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