Artist: Anil Chawla & Dale Anderson
Title: Roadhouse
Label: GU Music
By: Ryan Simoneau | 6 February 2009
  1. Jazzy Good Times
  2. Wilmot Street
  3. Are We All Together (Feat Justin Robertson)
  4. Leftorium
  5. Minimalize
  6. Mumu
  7. Hear My Call (Feat Angie Brown)
  8. The Piano
  9. Automat
  10. The Mash
  11. Dumkoff

Anil Chawla & Dale Anderson "Roadhouse"Anil Chawla & Dale Anderson "Roadhouse"

Out Now on GU Music

Following in the footsteps of Trafik, Lostep and Pako & Frederik, Global Underground continues to expand their original artist album stable by introducing their latest signing, Anil Chawla and Dale Anderson into the fold. Both talented young producers have risen up the ranks in recent years and now they pull their forces together to deliver their debut album, “Roadhouse.”

Unlike many debut albums from producer/DJs, it was refreshing to hear this is as a proper long player and not just a collection of clubland hits. Opening track, “Jazzy Good Times”, delivers just that with its crisp breakbeats and jazz-infused melody. A perfect way to introduce the album as it allows your head to get into the right frame of mind before “Wilmot Street” kicks the album up a notch. Packed with a pulsating groove and atmospheric synth washes, the journey has officially begun.

Justin Robertson guests on the 80’s inspired “Are We All Together” but while the production is great, the vocals, not so much. However, it’s all grist for the mill as “Lefttorium” enters and immediately perks the ears back up. With its deep house groove and memorable melody, this is easily one of the standout tracks and should be a firm favourite with DJs for closing sets this summer.

“Minimalize” and “Mumu” continue the journey and while the production value remains high they merely continue the adventure that is “Roadhouse”. But when the futuristic funk of “Hear My Call” enters, another standout is delivered. Featuring the lush vocals of Angie Brown, this one is a sure fire smash single. It’s also poised to be a crossover hit for the duo as well, so expect loads of tasty remixes.

Unfortunately, after such a high, things go down a decidedly darker path on the back end of the album. I would have liked to hear a more memorable closer than “Dumkoff” but the duo does continue to display plenty of diversity right on through to the end.

GU Music continues to deliver in showcasing up and coming talent as Anil Chawla and Dale Anderson have delivered the best debut album on the label since Trafik’s “Bullet “in 2004. There’s no denying that these two talented producers are names to watch in the years to come as they not only can produce but write actual tunes too. Armed with a diverse blend of styles and boasting top production value, “Roadhouse” should certainly become a contender for artist album of the year honours.

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