Artist: Anil Chawla
Title: Everybody Loves Candy / Stuck In A Loop
Label: Vapour Recordings
By: Nick Williams | 18 August 2007
  • A: Everybody Loves Candy
  • B: Stuck In A Loop

Anil Chawla "Everybody Loves Candy / Stuck In A Loop"

Out Now on Vapour Recordings

Anil Chawla came out of the woodwork last year as a promising new talent in the UK house scene. An exclusive residency at Turnmills' flagship Saturday night session, 'Together,' has brought Anil rave reviews and with a mess of releases (on labels like Cr2, Global Underground and Saved) setting dancefloors alight around the globe. 2007 is already gearing up to be Anil's finest year to date. His latest release on Australia's Vapour Recordings is a two-tracker of Dub and Disco-inspired tech house.

'Everybody Loves Candy' is a bright and lively funk-fueled percussive groover. A subtle build introduces a driving bassline, and this track could easily make it into the bags of the peaktime djs who want to keep the crowd firing on all cylinders. Airy chords glide with ease into the mix, while subtle arped patterns fill in the space, accenting the driving percussion. Delicate movement up and down in energy keeps the song progressing to the break, bringing airy dub inspired chords that give the song a slight break before bringing the beats back with authority. Although this is a rocking track, there is an aspect of ingenuity that is lacking, making this one a track that may only stay in the bag for a few months.

The B-Side, 'Stuck In A Loop,' is really the track that captured me on this release. Although not as much of a peaktime affair, the timbre of the elements used in the track are more intriguing and the energy builds harder than 'Everybody Loves Candy.' A rolling bassline and dubbed out percussive stabs set a steady and rocking ambiance. Sliding synth atmospherics build in waves along with our dub elements to a great breakdown that introduces new chords that set the track off nicely. The song has an energetic fun groove to it, and would definitely jazz up a stale dancefloor.

Anil Chawla has a pretty impressive career thus far and I expect it to continue. With new remixes and original productions coming out by the boatload over these last couple months, new productions alongside partner Dale Anderson and his gigs across Europe, one can only expect good things to continue to come from this one.

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