Artist: Andy Page
Title: Serpent / Blue Noise
Label: Blueprint Recordings
By: Jason Calvert | 21 July 2005
  • A: Serpent
  • B: Blue Noise

Andy Page "Serpent / Blue Noise"

Out Now on Blueprint Recordings

When the minds behind a label are well renowned for quality, it is fair to suggest that a listener could expect this quality to also be transferred to the releases on the label. This is true for Habersham & Numinous' label Blueprint Recordings. Australian producer/DJ Andy Page is no newcomer to the scene. He is well known for his unique approach to his sets, and has worked on some impressive tracks, such as Elementalelectrofunk, and more recently his stunning interpretation of Rowan Blades & Chris Lake's "Filth", along with his works in the outfit "Hi-Fi Bugs". Presented in this release are two tracks for two very different moods. Whilst Serpent would cause some peak time madness on the dancefloor, Blue Noise serves as the perfect cure for the morning after. They compliment eachother beautifully.

Serpent's bassline immediately sets up the mood and propels forward with high intensity. Effects flutter in and out of the composition, and a torn up guitar-esque melody is fired into the middle of all of this, giving this tune the ability to rip up any dancefloor. Page's trademark noises make themselves known again, and many quality DJs will be giving this track a lot of play, which it definately deserves.

After wearing themselves out with Serpent, the listener will definately need some recovery time, and Mr. Page has been thoughful enough to this predicament, providing a beautiful remedy in the way of Blue Noise. The heavenly melody undulates into your senses, and wraps itself around you. A soothing bassline gives the track its definition, without detracting from the blissful mood in any way. A guitar-esque melody makes an appearance again, but almost as the antithesis of what was witnessed in Serpent, a much more acoustic feel.

One of the best releases to come off the Blueprint label. This release demonstrates that Andy Page is at the forefront of the scene at the moment, and anyone who has the chance to see him perform his liveact will back me up in saying that he is not to be missed.

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