Artist: Andy Page
Title: Porcelain Elvis
Label: Envision Recordings
By: Colin C. | 6 July 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Chris Carter Mix

Andy Page "Porcelain Elvis"

Out Now on Envision Recordings

For those of you not familiar with Andy Page's work yet, you seriously are leaving yourselves behind at this point. He is one of the few producers out there that deserve more recognition and its good to see more and more releases under his name bubbling up to the surface. Andy's approach to sequencing and programming has always grabbed my attention from the beginning, and even six years later he's still got me glued to my speakers with his latest on En:Vision, 'Porcelain Elvis'.

The 'Original Mix' is a quite a rump shaker as it opens with some Soul Of Man styled percussions riding over his signature super clean break patterns. As Andy gets his edit on, the track really comes to life with almost spooky, hollow synths arps before landing in the breakdown and unleashing a devastating bass line. The tension rises and crescendos with two minutes left for Andy to wrap it up in his typical fashion. It's nice to see him step out from 'Serpent' with something nasty again, and 'Porcelain Elvis' sure is nasty.

Another name that should be no stranger to breaks fans, 'Chris Carter', serves up the remix. Here Chris is in true form as he dices up a funky TCR styled mix. With the percussion pitched up, he goes at crafting a more grounding break-beat that locks tight to the sushi entrée that once was Andy's melodies. Chris' build up drops us straight into a funky break with the originals DnB styled sub bass and rides nicely along. Chris does a perfect job at balancing the original's mentality with his style of programming.

If you're a fan of breaks, theres no reason to sleep on this one as it's destined to spend a healthy life in quite a few crates… If your not, let Chris and Andy convert you with this stellar release.

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