Artist: Andy Page & Danny Bonnici
Title: Vermouth / Knowotimean
Label: EQ Grey
By: Colin C. | 7 June 2006
  • A: Vermouth
  • B: Knowotimean

Andy Page & Danny Bonnici "Vermouth / Knowotimean"

Out Now on EQ Grey

Andy Page & Danny Bonnici should need no introduction to any one who's been following the world of distinctive electronic music. Both parties involved have had their hand in crafting some of the craziest, wild releases to see a dance floor. Here they come together to deliver something that really blends their two styles into a finely crafted double A side release.

'Vermouth' should need no introduction, as it was one of the standouts on Nubreed’s Y4K release. A super clean breaks track that just begins as a simple electric break beat and evolves into some deep, rich and in-organic bass pads and sweeps. The rhythm gets swept up into a furious bad ass little rump shaker towards the middle as Andy takes over for his notorious glitch editing. Definitely can feel a more of a Page presence on this track, but nonetheless its another mind-expanding experiment gone right.

On the other half of this release there is 'Knowotimean', where a solid kick drum knocks in with a four on the floor pattern and a more electro edge. The flexibility of this track is an added pleasure, with quirky sweeps and wobbly sub bass it makes for a really groovy experience. This time around it’s more of a Bonnici feel, as the groove is strong and the bright synth edits that fly in and out mark for a great topping to the Page manipulations. This might go down as one of my favorite tracks this year as its bouncy nature and creative arranging makes it stand out from the crowd.

If you are big on Andy Page or Bonnici's sound, both on his own and with Nubreed, you will definitely enjoy this release as it fits very nicely amongst their back catalog. It also offers a different twist for those looking for a little adventure for their record cases, as well as keeping the fans of the EQ Grey label happy.

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