Artist: Andy Moor Vs Michael Wilson
Title: Control Me
Label: Pangea Recordings
By: Darren Rhys | 5 July 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Tony Estrada Mix

Andy Moor Vs Michael Wilson "Control Me"

Out Now on Pangea Recordings

'Control Me' is a collaborative effort courtesy of production heavyweights Andy Moor and Michael Wilson. Given their previous contributions to the scene (with the 'Tilt' production outfit being an obvious highlight), it comes as no surprise that this latest offering is highly anticipated.

'Control Me' kicks off with subtle layers of eery effects and tough percussion which hints at the destination of the track. The introduction of a solid intermittent kick drum sets a breakbeat groove, with a long droney bass key not far behind. The first taste of Lianne Brookson's powerful vocal is juxtaposed with the track's percussion-driven opening. The vocal hits your senses immediately as being particularly strong and attitude-laden. Subtle bass key movements drive the track along before building to the main hook, which is nothing short of huge. Big orchestral strings and harmonising of the vocal layers are fundamental in nailing a stunningly emotive element of the track. Normal service is resumed with a bang, reverting back to the dancefloor-driven groove we had become accustomed to, with some new percussive edits and a deep growling bassline. The arrangement of the track is extremely well executed, with the contrasting elements of the hook sequence and percussive-led breaks strategically positioned to maximise each other's impact upon the listener. With the term 'song' being all but redundant in progressive tracks, 'Control Me' has done an extremely good job of being aimed at the dancefloor while ensuring there is sufficient purpose to the track to justify its airplay on radio stations across the globe. The vocal is integral in pushing the track along, while the quality of production from Moor & Wilson don't go unnoticed, the epic strings and throbbing bassline being particular highlights.

The remix comes courtesy of 'Tony Estrada', who's original works have seen support from the likes of a certain Mr. John Digweed. On first listen I felt compelled to disregard the mix as nothing more than a quirky alternative to the epic original. Yet, while the remix in truth bears little resemblance to Moor & Wilson's composition, Estrada's offering ensures that presented as a package it will be difficult for fans of progressive house and breaks to resist this particular release. A series of lead synths and squelching FX rhythms dominate proceedings throughout the track, with heavily reverberated and delayed vocal stabs referring to the original with subtlety. A relentless saw-bass joins the tight, punchy kick to create a solid groove. The melancholic nature of the original has been substituted for a distinct upfront roller which dropped at the right time could certainly cause a degree of havoc on any dancefloor. I'm quite sure this will be supported in equal quantities to the vastly contrasting original.

Overall, an impressive and diverse package which I'm sure will see support from a plethora of DJ's and dance music enthusiasts, including myself. I await further offerings from Moor and Wilson, as well as remixer Tony Estrada, with baited breath.

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