Artist: Andy Moor
Title: Baroque: In Session 002
Label: Baroque Records
By: Jason Calvert | 2 September 2005
  1. 4-MAL - Twilight (Melting Intro Mix)
  2. Espen & Stian - Comatoast
  3. Buds Not Bombs Feat Irina - Deleido (Infusion Exorcism Dub)
  4. Ryukyu Underground - Seragaki (Junkie XL Mix)
  5. Ridgewalkers Feat El - Find (Andy Moor Mix)
  6. Duran & Aytek - Searching (Evolution Mix)
  7. Presslaboys - Electrobeat
  8. Martin H & Tony Price Present Spin 33 - Believe
  9. Quivver - Boz Boz (Central Rush Mix)
  10. Central Rush - End Of The Tunnel
  11. Jose Zamora & Damian DP Feat Paleday - Transatlantic (Andy Moor Mix)

Andy Moor "Baroque: In Session 002"Andy Moor "Baroque: In Session 002"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Andy Moor is a name which will be familiar to nearly everyone who reads this. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, and the quality of his productions stems from being a classically trained musician. From trance to progressive, he refuses to be pigeonholed, and this diversity allows him to appeal to a very wide audience. Showcasing some of the hottest releases from Baroque to date, the result is a smooth flowing mix bursting with atmosphere and quality.

With a lush intro from 4Mal, Moor sets the mood up right away, before flowing into the smooth composition of Comatoast from Espen & Stian, which continues on in this fashion. The groove then takes a tighter turn, dropping a track which will evoke fond memories for many, Infusion's incredible dub of Deleido. Moor manages to make a change in initial direction without detracting from the mix in any way, and this is where his talent as a DJ really begins to show.

One of the highlights of the album would definitely be Junkie XL's stunning remix of Seragaki, a track which captured the hearts of many when it was first released, myself included. The track fits the mood perfectly, and sets up an excellent entry point for Andy's own peak time interpretation of the Ridgewalkers track "Find", a track which appeals to the ears of both trance and progressive fans alike.

To keep the compilation from taking a predictable route, Moor throws down the tech infused Electrobeat from Presslaboys, and amongst the melodic progressive atmosphere built up from the previous tracks, the smoothness of the transition allows it to compliment the mood perfectly. Keeping this new direction in mind, we are taken to "Believe" from Spin 33. With its tight bassline and driving percussion, it takes us to one of the highest peaks of the mix, before commencing on the slow descent to the finale, with the Central Rush Mix of Quivver's "Boz Boz" leading the way.

The captivating melodies flow like waterfalls over the bassline, and Moor's flawless mixing ensures nothing is detracted from the mood. Keeping this Central Rush theme in mind, the listener follows Moor into End Of The Tunnel, with again lush melodies continuing to build a peaceful atmosphere, with Moor's own mix of Transatlantic marking the end of the journey.

From driving progressive, to melodic uplifting numbers, to even the some tech fuelled beats, the crossover appeal of this album certainly makes it a compilation worth checking out. Moor's mixing skills are outstanding, and even through the style often changes throughout, nothing feels out of place, and the sequencing and coherence of the compilation are much to his credit. The tracks here, and the accompanying unmixed second CD of some the best tracks of the last few months on the label really show that Baroque are still at the top of their game, and most certainly will be for quite some time to come.

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