Artist: Ambrozia
Title: Cox EP Volume II
Label: 19 Box Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 31 October 2003
  • A: Its U (Spartak Vs Perc Dub)
  • B: Lovely Lovely Lovely (Lee Kavanagh Mix)

Ambrozia "Cox EP Volume II"

Out Now on 19 Box Recordings

Ambrozia is DJ 19 from Japan. With numerous releases behind him already, he’s stirring up the progressive world with his tight production and his DJ sets. A resident DJ at Club Tokyo in China, and his new night called 'Park' in the premier Japanese club ageHa, gives him the ability to learn what the crowd wants. This is the second volume of the 'Cox Ep', and features the great talents of Ali Wells once again, alongside a mix from Lee Kavangh.

The 'Spartak vs Perc Dub' of 'Its U' is a huge tribal mix that should go down perfectly on most dancefloors. Ali Wells has had success with numerous records on labels such as Choo Choo, Silver Planet, and Midset, and here he teams up both of his monikers for a beefy, ass shaking remix. The drums are complex with loads of high hats, tribal toms, crashing sounds, and fills. The bassline is massive with a slapping bass feel, which keeps the song grooving. Trippy washy sound effects come in, along with slight ringing tones hidden in the back. This remix is a dark and dirty groover that keeps funkin till the final drop.

'Lee Kavangh' remixes the tune 'Lovely Lovely Lovey' on the flip. Lee produces under the names Futurecast and Replicant, and has had releases on POD Recordings, with many other forthcoming projects in development. He turns this tune into a smooth deep progressive workout. Tribal drums start in, as a groove underneath starts bubbling. A vocal starts in, slight and very breathy. Synths drop in, and build into a nice chord progression. Moving into a break, the vocal returns loud and clear, with a dreamy overtone, heading back into the drums and sounds to bring the mix to an end. This will go down sweetly at the end of the night.

This is another great release for DJ 19’s own 19 Box Recordings. He’ll be compiling a mix cd for Velocity Records out of the USA soon, with a scheduled release for next spring. As he continues on with his success and adventures, on top of his residencies, parties and productions, DJ 19 is soon to take off into the unknown.

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