Artist: Amani Vs Teapot
Title: Calling On My Roots
Label: Chug Records
By: Chad Harnish | 8 December 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Tribal Mix

Amani Vs Teapot "Calling On My Roots"Amani Vs Teapot "Calling On My Roots"

Out Now on Chug Records

After a string of successful releases on Bedrock, Red Menace and Ritual Sounds, Amani vs. Teapot (sometimes known as AVST) are set to release their next dancefloor destroyer on Chug Records.

If you have seen the 1999 movie “Go” you will remember the famous “rave” scene where Ronna tries to pawn off fake ecstasy while BT’s “Dreamer” is pounding in the background. Well, “Calling On My Roots” could have easily been swapped in “Dreamer’s” place as it has the same driving elements and an identically tantalizing vocal hook bringing out the same overall atmosphere. The rhythm is relentless in pushing the cause of the track while a pixie like sample gleefully sings “Oh Oh” over top. This track brings me back to my rave roots and really makes me want to experience it on a huge warehouse system with a crowd going mad around me. The breakdown expands on the vocals a bit more revealing the full Deep Forest styled sampling. After breaking them out, there is no holding them back as they have now penetrated your reality. Welcome to the roots of Amani vs. Teapot

“Calling On My Roots” is flavored with the beats of tribal on the “Tribal Remix.” The beats are deeper and more ferocious adding to the rhythm which is thick with their “unique blend of deep-hypnotic-tribal-electronic music”. The breakdowns are sick with break beats twirling, samples flying and tension building. It is indeed a groovy little devil and makes a nice companion to the original.

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