Artist: Alexander Church
Title: Cycles Of Life
Label: Source Of Gravity Records
By: Chloe Harris | 16 December 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Celestial Mix

Alexander Church "Cycles Of Life"

Out Now on Source Of Gravity Records

The deeper sounds of Alexander Church shine on his new single. Early support came from Hernan Cattaneo, Chris Cargo and the Release Records crew off of CDR. 'Cycles Of Life' is a dreamy deeper house track with a great bassline. The flipside is a bigger rework by Alexander and partner Phil Joyce, under their guise Celestial.

Tribal drums start us off into the 'Original Mix'. As the kick drum drops in, we are taken away into a trippy break introducing washy pad sounds and blissful melodies. A groovy bassline grows underneath and whisks us away into a deep house rhythm, as a light vocal rolls along with the beats. The sounds all move together with a light swaying motion. Tiny hidden shuffles grow below which adds dynamics. Sweet grooves with lush sounds make this one beautiful track.

Celestial turn 'Cycles Of Life' into a bigger dancefloor track. A pulsing bassline swings in moving along with the tribal drums, as melodic sweeps and the vocal loom above, a light bouncy stab slowly rolling in dropping lower as the breakdown comes nearer. A twinkly arpeggiation comes dances while the kick drum drops back in. The pulsing bassline comes back in with the tribal drums, while all of the sounds groove till the end.

Alexander Church has created a euphoric and hypnotic dreamscape here. Celestial's remix takes the track to bigger places, but still maintains its deepness. This is a beautiful tune that will work well on deeper floors, radio shows, and for home listening.

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