Artist: Alex Dolby
Title: Psiko Garden
Label: Airtight
By: Simon Jones | 22 October 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: RJ Mix

Alex Dolby "Psiko Garden"

Out Now on Airtight

Mantra Vibes 'From Ciociaria..' series has given us a fair few great tracks even though still in it's infancy, though Alex Dolby's 'Psiko Garden' is without a doubt the biggest and most well known of them. Heavily supported and re-edited by Sasha, as well as more recently remixed by John Acquaviva and Ashtrax, it was an impressive debut from a talented producer who has since given us such tracks as 'Hazy Way' and 'Untitled Valley', and now 'Psiko Garden' gets a well deserved widespread release on London's respectable Airtight label.

The 'Original Mix' catapulted Alex Dolby into the spotlight, it's big melodic loops and heavy synth arrangements totally unmistakable, and recognisable each and every time you hear this intense electo house epic force it's way onto the dancefloor, and since it's release just over a year ago, it still sounds as fresh now as it did then.

It's the 'RJ Mix' however that has been turning heads most recently, as Red Jerry makes his return with a classy twist on the original. Trading the raging synths for warm sounds, rolling beats and a squelchy bassline that will totally wig you out, RJ once again reaffirms his status as one of the dons of the house scene.

For those who missed out on the original release, this is an absolute essential, and with Red Jerry managing to provide a fresh an innovative take on a track that has already seen its fair share of remixes as mentioned previously, there's plenty of reason for fans of the track, new and old to pick up a copy.

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