Artist: Agent 001
Title: When Pigs Fly / Tektonic Shift
Label: Reversible Records
By: Chloe Harris | 3 April 2003
  • 1. When Pigs Fly
  • 2. Tektonic Shift

Agent 001 "When Pigs Fly / Tektonic Shift"

Out Now on Reversible Records

Steve Porter and Eli Wilkie are back with their second release as Agent 001. They are super undercover agents that give away Agent 001 T-shirts, and wear funny hats. Be careful of them, they may attack. Loads of bass, and upbeat sounds rock this 12"..

‘When Pigs Fly’ is a very happy tune. We start off with a gong hit, as some slappy drums come in. It’s very percussive, and the high hats sound as if they are letting off some steam. A very uplifting thick bassline comes in. It shifts up and down scales, really bouncing you all over. Electronic stabs that are slightly pretty, but very meaty come in over the top, and lay in nicely with the drums. Sounds are gated in the background, and the gong goes once again. We drop back into the bassline. This is one funky housey tune.

‘Tektonic Shift’ is a heavy dirty tune. A nice thump kicks us off. Layers of drums come in, and a snip of a sampled guy is added for more percussion. The kick pounces in right after. The high hats have an effect on them, so they twist up and down. An airy sound washes over, as we fall deep into an uber funky bassline. It’s super groovy, and never lets up. Proper Bassline material. As more of the song builds, we stop up into some old school ravey sounds that flutter inside the track. The drums start up again after only holding out for a second. Pretty synths make their way in the mix. The beats drop out again, as the synths soar. It’s a very quick, but a very lush break. As the drums come back, so does the bassline, and off we go. Quality.

They have done it again. Steve and Eli make quality house music for you to drool all over and seek out right at this moment.

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