Artist: Ads
Title: Feel It Too / Deep Song
Label: M Theory Records
By: Simon Jones | 27 December 2004
  • A: Feel It Too
  • B: Deep Song

Ads "Feel It Too / Deep Song"

Out Now on M Theory Records

Another two tracker drops on Jonathan Lisle's M Theory imprint just as the year comes to a close. This time around we are introduced by a young producer and DJ from Sheffield, England named Adam Dowding. Having caught the DJ bug from his elder siblings, it was practically inevitable that 'Ads' would follow the same path, subsequently turning his hand to the production side of things where his work has caught the ear of Meat Katie, Rennie Pilgrem and of course Jonathan Lisle. The rest, as they say, is history.

'Feel It Too' is the first track of this single, a melodic tinged breakbeat track that features guest vocals from Sarah Jay whom some of you may be familiar with if you've heard the track 'Dissolved Girl' on Massive Attack's 1998 long player 'Mezzanine'. With some smooth percussive rhythms and cool beats jamming away at a nice consistent tempo, Sarah's vocals fall into the mix with ease, becoming one with the underlying sounds and adding a dreamy twist to this subtle dancefloor jam.

'The Deep Song' takes a darker path, with Ads venturing into tougher territory with this quirky sci fi track. The beats are harder, with some big sweeping synths creating an eerie mood that fits well in the context of the rest of the track. Whilst the vocal samples are a bit cheeky and perhaps not quite necessary, the backing track is a heavy heads down style jaunt that will work the floor well.

As usual, M Theory brings us the unexpected and with an ongoing album project, plus collaborations with the likes of Ashley Casselle already part of Adam's current and future plans, don't be surprised if this cool little single is by no means the last you hear of him, as 'Feel It Too' in particular shows signs of a largely untapped talent with a lot ahead of him.

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