Artist: Add2Basket
Title: Kind Of Magic / Miss The Word
Label: Alternative Route
By: Darren Rhys | 26 September 2007
  • A: Kind Of Magic
  • B: Miss The Word

Add2Basket "Kind Of Magic / Miss The Word"

Out Now on Alternative Route

With every summer season comes a plethora of sun-drenched house tracks, often piano-laden and reminiscent of the festival season. Alternative Route have somewhat cornered this niche within the dance music community thanks to stellar efforts from the likes of Chris Lake and Shlomi Aber. The latest tracks from Add2Basket (Andrew Genser) are further products of the label's uplifting music factory.

'Kind of Magic' heads the release, a straightforward house track with shimmering synths and emotive pads riding beautifully alongside a monster piano backdrop. The chord sequence is natural and creative in equal measure, highlighting the musical talent of Genser. The focus around minor chord progression restrains the track perfectly and adds to its appeal, giving it a place in the boxes of several top DJs. A nice start to the package.

'Miss The Word' is the second original track we are graced with, and is in my view the stronger of the two. Again built around a rock-solid melodic arrangement, this one benefits from some cool vocal runs too. The customary piano chord stabs are present, while intermittent soaring synths share the soundscape and compliment each other perfectly.

It's sometimes difficult to get overly excited about music of this ilk. Piano house tracks are ten-a-penny, particularly during and at the close of the summer season. Yet Add2Basket has managed to give these tracks a certain edge thanks to it's sublime musicality and emotivity. Make no mistake, there's nothing groundbreaking here, but good solid house music with melody is something which is seemingly becoming a scarce commodity in this era of self-indulgent dance music. Good stuff

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