Artist: ASAN
Title: 1969
Label: Inversus Records
By: Michael Schreiber | 3 March 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Patrick Turner Remix

ASAN "1969"

Out Now on Inversus Records

“1969” is the initial release for 2003 from Inversus. It’s a top-notch production, once again proving that this label cares about the quality it sets forth and wants to make sure djs worldwide keep diggin’ in the crates for them.

Sandy Fox founded the label in 1999, with the intention of bridging the US and UK markets together. With progressive house releases like “Twisted” by Pappa & Gilbey, Inversus has become a leader in the US dance market. Miami resident and globally known DJ Austin Leeds also has, and will continue, to be a major player on their roster, contributing remixes and original productions. Under the moniker, Rock, Austin and collaborator, Origin released the globally popular “Resistance,” and with Natious gave us “Salvation” under the moniker, Lorient. These two tracks were charted among some of the top DJs of the world including Steve Lawler and Sasha & Digweed.

Original Mix

The original version is yet another Inversus track co-produced by Austin Leeds. Comprised of some eerie haunting elements, this deep-tech trance voyage becomes a bit tribal with the inclusion of fast bongo-drumming progressions. Quick metal clanks are added to the drumming pattern as echoed male & female vocal monstrous moans quickly arise and then fade out. The heavy deep multi-key bass line riff repeats throughout also contributing to the dark feel.

Just after the middle breakdown of echoed chords similar in sound to the keys used in Lil' Louis' classic “French Kiss,” dialogue excerpts are introduced of Apollo 16 astronaut Neil Armstrong’s communication with NASA's Mission Control as he takes the first steps on the moon. This inclusion most likely is why the track is entitled "1969," since they’re taken from that first lunar landing on the moon, July 20, 1969. DJs like Dave Ralph, George Acosta and Paul Oakenfold could easily work this mix into their sets.

Patrick Turner Remix

The track gets a full-on tribal jam reworking from Baltimore dj/producer Patrick Turner. This mix reiterates the fact that this man is one to continue to lookout for this year. He's already made his mark with 15+ original productions and remixes on labels including Halo's Bluem imprint, Transport Recordings and Low Pressings. During February 2003, he and dj/producer Ben Shaw launched the Movim label with the release of a collaboration b/t Patrick and Jay Tripwire called "Altered States."

Patrick's "1969" remix has a bongo drumming beat trailed by a one-clap sample, sounding mastered as if it's above everything else and a bit louder as well. A soft whistling whirl, that's a nice atmospheric tinge, along with a very deep dubby minor 4-key bass line give the mix a bit of a dark & haunting edge. Unfortunately they seem to disappear to early, with 2 minutes 10 seconds still remaining before the track’s end. In fact most of the elements are left out during this, with just an occasional echoed one-chord stab included. Thus the track's remaining segment sounds more so like just patterned bongo drumming repetitions. Not necessarily something negative for it gives plenty of time for a dj to slowly layer in a new track, which could ultimately aid in creating a seamless flow to their set. Also before this drumming segment, there's a lot more substance to keep this mix from becoming just a dj's transitional inclusion to their set.

You’ll find this release out sometime in March, as well as a follow-up second 12” with a breakbeat remix by 2 Sinners and a housey-tech remix & dub by Ben Grassini. Be sure to also look out for upcoming releases on the sister label Inversus Limited which focuses more on artist EPs and one disc releases, instead of those projects featured on Inversus, which have remix inclusions. Coming soon will be an EP of works by Austin Leeds, Luke Chable and Ivan Gough.

Although the music industry has been somewhat turbulent lately, with many dance labels shutting their doors throughout the world, it’s great to see that success is still possible and inevitable for smaller labels like Inversus, which continue to search out new fresh innovative sounds for each and every release. It’s no wonder they ended the original mix with the vocal “For The Vision Of The Future”…That phrase is no doubt what motivates all those involved with Inversus to create standards of excellence within the progressive genre.

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