Artist: ASAN
Title: 1969 (Remixes)
Label: Inversus Records
By: Michael Schreiber | 3 March 2003
  • A: 2 Sinners Remix
  • B: Ben Grassini Remix

ASAN "1969 (Remixes)"

Out Now on Inversus Records

As a compliment to the ASAN’s “1969” Original Mix/Patrick Turner Remix 12”, the Inversus label releases this follow-up of two newly styled remixes – one progressive house and the other breakbeat, along with a dub that gives off a darker trance tech vibe.

2 Sinners Remix

Producers Carl Hoyland and Klaus Hill, better known as 2 Sinners have molded the track into a breakbeat jump-up tune. There’s not much comparison to be done to the Original Mix, for it’s almost a complete re-working. Feverish-paced beats, a filtered multi-key progression bass line and a scratchy high-pitched whistle-like loop are the main elements, with the Apollo lunar landing communication samples included during the middle segment. Their fusion of house and breaks give this mix much more of upbeat and energetic sound compared to all others. If you’re into the dj’ing & productions of Koma & Bones and Adam Freeland, don’t overlook this remix!

Ben Grassini Mix

This remix could be defined as a late night sultry dance floor groove made up of bongo drumming beats trailed by a shaker sound and two echoed chords. There’s a notable 6-part metallic sweeping loop giving a little edge to the beats, making it hard to categorize this as just a house tune. Yet it does have housey elements in the middle segment’s digitalized piano chords higher in scale than the others featured, as well as a minor key moog-like baseline. Within his mix, Ben uniquely “verbalizes” the belief that everyone throughout the world is joined together through music, by using vocal snippets of “All The People…People All Over The World…All The People On This Earth Are Truly One.” He sets forth a request for the dance floor to give back to the dj and let them know you’re enjoying their set by the vocal repetitions of “People All Over The World Talk To Us…All The People…Talk To Us.” Truly a jam worth grooving to that you could say is “interactive” and “response encouraging.” Somewhat similar to Timewriter’s more upbeat sounds, yet having some additional funkier elements to it.

Ben Grassini Dub

The Dub removes the chord progressions and the drum pattern becomes 4/4 and much harder. The deep minor key bass line riff used in Ben’s Mix is retained, trailing underneath. An echoed female wail floats in an out a few times as well. Overall, much darker in sound, and you could even say this is more like another mix by Ben rather than a dub because it’s has its own uniqueness through the usage of a different drum pattern and non-inclusion of elements from his mix.

Inversus is set to release this vinyl during this month as well, just in time for Miami Beach’s Winter Music Conference (March 18-22). Don’t forget to check out the first 12” as well. With the variety of sounds put forth on this project, it’s bound to attract the attention of a multitude of djs worldwide.

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