Artist: 2 Boys 1 Girl
Title: You Know Nothing
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 15 November 2001
  • A: Original Vocal Mix
  • B: Xzique Mix

2 Boys 1 Girl "You Know Nothing"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Swain and Snell have been busy this year, and this is the latest in a long line of productions (Mash Up, Menace, Deflect, Charris and more), the follow up to last year's dirty 'Twisted', entitled 'U Know Nothing'.

Taking its influence from 'Twisted' and improving on it ten fold, the Original Mix of U Know Nothing is a slice of sublime dark house, with a funky bassline and the sexy vocals of Antonia Lucas once again. Dark and Dirty.. and without trying to sound a bit cliche, Twisted.

The guys go off in a more progressive direction with the Xzique mix, placing emphasis on the drums to create a more percussive progressive workout for the peak time moments on the big floors, a superb alternative to the original.

However, Swain and Snell should take a rest, before they use up all their creative ideas and are unable to make a follow up as good as this. Hopefully this will prove popular enough to pay for their holiday.. :)

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