Artist: 20 For 7 Feat Brooke Lindsay
Title: Everything
Label: EQ Grey Ltd
By: Chloe Harris | 7 January 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Joey Youngman Double Bubble Dub

20 For 7 Feat Brooke Lindsay "Everything"

Out Now on EQ Grey Ltd

Junkbeats presents the latest '20 For 7' single featuring Brooke Lindsay. A perfect blend of deep house, vocals and funky jazzy sounds comprises this latest release EQ Grey LTD. The Australian label is starting the year off with another creative and brilliant 12". 20 For 7 are a five piece live house band from the Junkbeats Crew, based in Byron Bay Australia. For the last 4 years they have developed their sound and have gigged all over Australia promoting their free-flowing house sound. For this single they brought in a lovely vocalist Brooke Lindsay, whose voice intertwines with the jazzy chords perfectly. Tango Recordings artist Joey Youngman cuts 'Everything' up and serves it up in the form of the 'Double Bubble Dub' on the flip.

Cool housey break beats and watery wah wah's lead us into the 'Original Mix' of 'Everything'. Random lazer zaps, 808 bass booms, and slappy sounds follow a kick that steps in shortly after the breaks. The track moves into a slick deep house groove, while the bassline moves in, and the chords play along creating a techy funky jazzy vibe. After a build, Brooke's voice starts in swinging perfectly with sweet tones and a smooth shuffling beat. Disco pops and drops work in, while the chords layer and sweep across the beats and then in comes a jazzy organ solo. The groove swings up into a jazzier vibe, while the deep sounds space out and spin with Brooke's lovely voice. I highly recommend listening to this tune. The layers and a fantastic groove are well worth the listen.

Joey Youngman delivers a fine dub mix that will kill deep house and funky tech house floors. The 'Double Bubble Dub' is a fine slice of house music with a great groove, and lots of layers that set in. The jazzy organ chords really take this mix places. It’s been cut up and changed so it has a different vibe, but stays full on housey. Brooke's voice enters only for short moments and there is a lot more shuffling in the drums and percussive sounds. The watery textures hide perfectly in the funky beats, and the bass has a funky sassy edge to it.

This is a sweet record with some cool deep and jazzy overtones and I recommend this for those who like to groove and move. It's only a matter of time before the Junkbeats begin a fully fledged invasion on the scene. This record is proof of that.

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